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Are you looking for a professional comedian? With an unbeatable sense of humour, devilishly quick wit and club-tested, ever-evolving repertoire, Intergalactic Society Of Groovy People has delighted comedy lovers for years. I offer a range of different packages to choose from, but whatever you decide, the outcome will always be the same: top-class humour. For more information, get in touch via email.

My Shows

As a comedian with a grasp on a wide range of styles and subjects, I have a range of different routines that can be tailored to different types of audience, from children right up to adults and entertainment for the elderly. From the groan-worthy to the outright hilarious, people are always surprised by my versatility and adaptable nature – no matter the bill or the event, I’ll fit right in.

Written Comedy

My own routine is only one aspect of my comic talents – I also offer joke writing and workshopping services to other comedians and folks looking for a few jokes to lighten up a speech or a toast. If you need a bit of top quality joke writing for any occasion, you can’t do better than us. And, of course, all of the content I provide is 100% unique and plagiarism-free.

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